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More on compartmentalization.


So at work on Fridays, it is pretty slow.  My job is not usually demanding, seeing I am safely locked in the tower of Columbia College Chicago.

Some filing, some phoning, mostly homework.

Friday is my day to lay out my schedule for the week and categorize my e-mails.  This usually happens after lunch, which usually is ingested between the hours of 1:00 and 2:00pm.  Late lunches are comfortable.

Categorizing with a full tummy is satisfying like how you feel three pints in on the first snow of the season. 

I often make it a point to celebrate the first snow of the season.

Scheduling a celebration is also very satisfying.

Categorizing with an empty tummy feels frantic, like how you feel when you are jonesing for a cigarette or a packet of skittles or something.  Equally as addictive as the comfort, depending on the kind of day I am having.

The little stars and labels in Gmail make me feel important.

My moleskin planner (the one with an entire page for one day 8am-10pm) reminds me that my life is together.

Or at least it makes me think so to get to the next thing. 

I want to filter what I care about versus what I am obligated to do by burning my moleskin and deactivate my account to.  I will forget what I do not want to do, and show up where it matters most.

I need the cajones to actually do this.

An excerpt from a solo performance.